Intentionally Design Your Main Bedroom Part Two: What to Include

Now that we’ve established why it’s important to design and curate a Main Bedroom intentionally and outlined what to avoid or limit – today, I am sharing what to include. With these 9 essentials you can design a bedroom that feels really good and helps empower your health + well-being.

If you haven’t yet read Part One, you can do so HERE. Feel free to also circle back to Part One to learn what areas in your current design can be removed or shifted in your space.

The 9 Main Bedroom Essentials are:

  1. Command Position
  2. Flesh tone or Pastel colors
  3. Positive Imagery
  4. Texture + Fabrics
  5. Decorating in Pairs
  6. Adding Plants + Greenery
  7. Using Crystals
  8. Adding a Variety of Lighting
  9. Including a Rug

The placement of the bed is one of the most important furniture placements in accordance with Feng Shui. This is the spot where we lay our head at night. Ideally the headboard itself is made of wood or upholstered to feel fully grounded while resting. The Command Position specifically refers to where the bed is places in the main bedroom. This is also known as the power position. This position has the headboard against a solid wall, facing the door; however not in direct line with the door. Sleeping in the command position ensures that your body can relax fully allowing yourself to have the best sleep possible.

As for the colors in the Main Bedroom, I recommend using soft shades and tones. Ideally flesh tones, such as peach, olive, light brown or beige are wonderfully complimentary to the energy in the main bedroom. If you desire to include a bright or bold color, I suggest limiting the quality to a set of lamps, or a couple throw pillows as an accent.

Positive Imagery goes a long way! Especially when it comes to the subconscious mind. What do I mean by positive imagery? Well, photos of you and your partner, if in a relationship, from a positive experience (such as your wedding day) is a great idea. The high energy of the event and day can sprinkle and shine in this space. Further encouraging health in the relationship as well. If you are single, think of images that reflect love or self love for yourself. Perhaps it is a bouquet of roses or peonies. Perhaps it is images of a pair of love birds sitting on a branch.

Including a variety of texture and fabrics will create a more dynamic and deep design in your space. The different tactile surfaces allow the senses to be constantly delighted and stimulated as you traverse the space. Likewise, having a variety of lighting options, also the space to be setup for many different activities. For instance, bright lighting for when getting dressed to see yourself fully. Or perhaps dimmed lighting for creating a soft environment for intimacy or winding down for sleep.

Decorating in pairs is a helpful tip to encourage balance with oneself and with others. The main bedroom symbolizes love and relationships in accordance with Feng Shui. Therefore, I encourage yourself to think in pairs when choosing to include any new items. It could look like an even number of pillows on the bed, two nightstands flanking the bed, and a pair of lamps atop those nightstands.

Plants and crystals are gorgeous d├ęcor pieces that can serve your main bedroom in wonderful ways. They are both natural and bring in a lively fresh energy to the space. When selecting your ideal houseplant for your main bedroom, consider:

  • the care and maintenance of the plant
  • the size and shape of the leaves
  • including a pair

Likewise, when selecting your ideal crystal for the space, consider the purpose of the crystal, color, shape and size. You can most certainly add them in pairs as well. Rose Quartz, the stone of unconditional love, is one I will often recommend having on either side of the bed.

And finally, I wrap up my list of Main Bedroom essentials with adding a rug. Rugs are incredible at creating boundaries in life and in your space. They work particularly well when used in large bedrooms to help create zones for various activities. Rugs, when placed under or around the side, present a soft cushion for your toes to land on when entering and exiting the bed. Rather than have your feet be met with a cold and hard surface, a soft rug can provide brilliant effects.

In conclusion, intentionally designing your main bedroom provides results that extend beyond just creating a pretty space. It also presents you with the opportunity to fully enrich your sleeping habits, which then supports your energy even further throughout the day. A main bedroom truly reflects yourself and therefore having energy dedicated to this space is an act of self love.

If you are interested in having 1 on 1 support to design your main bedroom, check out the various design services available HERE.

As always, have a wonderful day! I look forward to sharing more helpful tips to intentionally design your space in the next blog post.