Events & Workshops

Upcoming Events

*Next Online Class!! NOVEMBER 22 8PM Front Entrance Design with Feng Shui *

Past Events

2022: October 25th 8PM AST Bedroom Design with Feng Shui: ONLINE

2022: August 25th 7:15PM AST Space Clearing with Feng Shui: IN PERSON at Station 33 in Hampton, NB

2022: June 28th 8PM AST Intention Setting with Feng Shui: ONLINE

2021: May 30th 2PM AST Creating Nurturing Spaces for Healing with Feng Shui: IN PERSON at Rising Tides Healing Center, Grand Bay-Westfield, NB

2021: April 29th 8PM AST (7PM EST) Designing with the 5 Elements: ONLINE

2021: March 25th 8PM AST 7PM EST) Feng Shui for the Awakened Leader: ONLINE

2020: June 4th 8PM AST (7PM EST) Feng Shui for the Bedrooms: ONLINE

2020: June 18th 8PM AST (7PM EST) Feng Shui for the Home Office: ONLINE

2020: May 16th 2PM AST (1PM EST) Children’s Bedroom Essentials: ONLINE

2020: April 25th 2PM AST (1PM EST) Front Entrance Essentials: ONLINE

2020: March 14th 2PM AST (1PM EST) Kitchen Essentials: ONLINE