Specializing in Interior Design and Feng Shui, let’s work together to design an environment that feels good in your home or business! Please see a list of design service below, with a brief description of what is included in each:

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Initial Meeting

A complimentary call to discuss your project

  • 15 min conversation over the phone or on ZOOM

Interior Design Consultation

Single Room

This service is great for support designing a singular room or area in your home or office.

  • Initial Meeting to discuss project in detail
  • 3D Floor Plan that shows suggestions + recommendations
  • Pdf detailing suggestions + recommendations
  • 30 min Design Debrief to discuss plans and make revisions

Interior Design Consultation

Entire Home or Office

This service is great for support designing an entire home or office.

  • Initial Meeting to discuss project in detail
  • 3D Floor Plan that shows suggestions + recommendations
  • Pdf detailing suggestions + recommendations
  • 1-2 HR Design Debrief

1:1 Mentorship

The intention of this service is to support you where you are at, whenever you require support while developing yourself and/or business.

  • 1 Hour Virtual or In-Person Visit
  • Topics for mentorship include: business development, content creation, product development, etc.

Feng Shui Consultation

This service is great for clarifying the intentions for your space and creating a design plan that energetically aligns with them and you future plans.

  • Initial meeting (in person or virtual)
  • 1HR Feng Shui Design Debrief to discuss the energy of your space currently, while offering guidance on how to shift the energy through practical design applications (decluttering, color, décor, art, etc.). The client is encouraged to take notes during this hour

Add-on Services:

Accompanying any design consultation, you may choose to include one of the following add-on services to help complete your redesign or project.


Helping to select specific items from the suggested additional décor or furniture outlined in the initial Interior Design or Staging Consultation:

  • Creating a sales cart through online shopping websites, such as: Amazon, Ikea, Wayfair, etc.
  • Helping to select items in stores from the Mood Board delivered in the initial Design or Staging Consultation

Hands-On Support

Helping to move design projects forward with extra support required:

  • Rearranging furniture* (*to be discussed and approved in advance to visit)
  • Removing existing artwork or décor
  • Organizing cabinets or drawers
  • Decluttering rooms
  • Packing items for storage
  • Staging rooms
  • Delivering items to the dump or storage (terms to be discussed in advance)

Here is what past clients are saying about their experience working with Jess Neary Designs:

“Absolutely incredible human providing an absolutely incredible experience! Jess did the design for two of our offices, and to say they came out amazing is an understatement! The flow of our space is unreal. She was excellent to work with and very fourth coming with ideas and concepts, and then topped it off with an amazing virtual mockup of the space. Needless to say we were blown away! Thankyou Jess!”

Daniel C. Town Health Solutions

After taking the “Main Bedroom” feng shui class with Jess, I immediately noticed imbalances and made changes in my bedroom! I was feeling so drawn to feng shui and improving the flow in my home that I decided to book a consult as well which was amazing. It was so eye opening! I’ve been moving things, clearing and shifting ever since! One thing I’ve really noticed is how I’m taking better care of my personal energy as well. Thank you Jess for your beautiful work and spreading the feng shui love to our community ♥️”

– Rebecca E.

“Jess helped my cluttered mind ease into the art of Feng Shui and walked along side me to create a vision that I now see as attainable. It will take time and commitment, but the process is made enjoyable through the ongoing support for us, as well as her pride in our accomplishments.”

– Angela S.