Interior Design + Feng Shui guidance to design empowering spaces

Feng Shui is a design practice that focuses on the importance of the occupant’s vitality, health and well-being. Ensuring that the environment is arranged and set up to serve the needs of the occupant with a healthy energy flow. Drawing on the premise that we are heavily influence by the surroundings in our environment, Feng Shui provides practical solutions to remove the blocks in our lives by manipulating the physical items in our space.

Jess Neary Feng Shui will help you bring your design plans to life.

Using a practical approach, Jess Neary supports clients each step of the way (from conception through to creation) and encourages clients to participate throughout the entire design process. Meeting clients where they are at, Jess offers suggestions and recommendations to elevate design plans by ensuring the health and well-being of the occupants is highlighted with Feng Shui Design.

Located in Hampton, New Brunswick CANADA, Jess Neary Feng Shui serves personal and professional clients locally in the Saint John, NB area and globally through virtual meetings.

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